Dr Hughes - Why We Started

“It's not the years, honey. It's the mileage”
- Indiana Jones


I’ve spent years doing outdoor activities and I can feel it.  From ankle joints that crack whenever I rotate my ankle to pain in my knees and lower back, moving around isn’t the same. Several years of running track and cross-country at the high school and D-1 collegiate level will do that to you.  On top of my competitive running, I added time in the Army as a Scout Reconnaissance Platoon leader – ruck marches through the woods in training and 15 months deployed to Iraq doing daily missions in a heavy Kevlar vest will start to add up.  Sooner or later, I came to realize that although I was relatively young (mid-30s), my body had started showing signs of age.

So, what did I do?  I started to read about what vitamins and minerals do for the body and what I should be doing to maximize my health and to ensure I could still enjoy time spent hiking or camping in the woods and fishing on the water.  I read about the importance of things like Vitamin A for eyesight, a complete Vitamin B complex to improve and sustain energy, and even the importance of making sure you had probiotics to balance the bacteria in your gut (some bacteria are actually good).

Next, I started to look at some of the mainstream, daily multivitamins that were available on the shelf in the store.  I found they had great marketing campaigns but not everything I wanted.  For example, most didn’t have a complete B-vitamin for energy or probiotics, while most had the daily levels of Vitamin A and C designed for the average American – one that consumes 2000 calories and lives a sedentary lifestyle.

I was convinced that I could design the ideal multivitamin that contained everything I was looking for.  After that, I was convinced I could find a partner that believed in family, friends, and the outdoors as much as I did.  I’m excited to partner with REALTREE® - a company that's been around for decades and cares as much as I do about family, friends, and the outdoors.  I'm proud to launch the REALTREE® Outdoor Multivitamin that I personally use.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

Enjoy the outdoors.