PETZL Headlamp with red filter

I have Petzl headlamps lying around my house in various drawers and boxes.  I used these all the time while I was in the military and still use them for camping and hiking.  They are great as a hand's free light that always shines where you are looking.  

In addition to the light, the red filter is key.  I was reminded of this at a recent overnight camping trip with a bunch of 8 year-old boys running around shining light everywhere.  After a few bright white lights at night made me feel temporarily blinded, I really wished we had made everyone bring a red filtered light.  It still allows you to see your way at night, but doesn't contribute to light pollution.  This was key during my times doing night movements in the Army and should not be a requirement for all kids camp-outs!

Here is what I like about the Petzl:

  • Rugged and durable:  I've had a few of these for over ten years
  • Practical, hands-free:  Better at night than a flashlight while you are setting up camp or looking through a pack
  • Red filter:  significantly cuts down on noise pollution

Here is where you can find:

Enjoy the Outdoors!