Rocky Military Boots - Long-lasting, comfortable hiking boots

I wanted to share about a pair of hiking boots that I've had for several years.  I first bought these while in the military.  I had been issued several pairs of combat boots.  They were alright, but had downsides. For example, every pair required miles and miles of "break-in" before I could use without getting blisters.  Additionally, they were never really comfortable.  They worked, were free, and were durable for long movements on foot, but never came close to a running or tennis shoe for comfort.  Lastly, the material they were made out of tended to get brittle over time.

Then I found the Rocky boots - I heard about them from several military friends, bought 2 pairs, and continue to use them today (ten years later).

Here is what I love about the Rocky Boots:

  • Super comfortable - I like these better than my running shoes
  • No-break-in time (with other boots, I used to have to hike long distances before being able to use without getting blisters)
  • Lasted a long time - I've had a pair of mine for over 10 years

Here is where you can find:

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