Fly Mouthwash - Concentrated

I recently found a great product that I think is perfect for someone who loves the outdoors....a concentrated mouthwash.

I love the feeling of sitting around the campfire in the morning, eating some sort of energy bar or granola bar and having some coffee or hot chocolate made from water heated over a fire.  The thing I don't like....morning breath.  Morning breath seems to be something that is almost impossible to get rid of unless you are wiling to bring a toothbrush and toothpaste with you.

Here is what I love about Fly mouthwash:

  • 60 uses in a tiny bottle (less than 2oz) - easy to throw in a pack or a jacket pocket
  • You control the taste/flavor
  • Clinically proven to kill 99% of bad breath germs

Here is where you can find:

Enjoy the Outdoors!





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